Thursday, October 14, 2004

Election time

Today I was woken up at 5:30 not by the hen or the cock, but by the crows. A crow had got electrocuted next to my house. A group of crows (I don’t know if it has a term), gathered together on the electric wires and grieved the death of their pal by waking the entire neighborhood.
Its election time and I won’t be doing justice if I don’t write about my favorite topic. Maharastra voted yesterday along with some other constituencies like Bidar, Madepura etc. I remembered one incident that happened with one of my neighbors (call him X) during the last general elections in Karnataka. In the voters queue just ahead of X was X's housemaid. She casually asked X whom to vote. X gave his fundas, like it is secret ballot and whomever you want you vote for that person. The housemaid immediately replied "I will vote for any party other than party AAA". Curious as ever, X asked her the reason. She said she won’t vote for AAA because AAA guys gave her husband alcohol last night and he is not working today. Her answer is learning for all the political parties. The person, who drank, never came to vote and they lost the vote of his wife too. So they lost 2 votes. So sad...I mean so good.
If you are in Karnataka and plan to stay here and you don’t have the right to vote (as you are not in the voters list). Here is a chance to get you the right to vote. Details are here.

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