Thursday, October 21, 2004

Sunaina out – Basanti in

For many Bangalorians Sunaina needs no introduction. An RJ in the FM91 station, her Josh91 program in the morning shuttles was a nice timepass. For people like me who travel for an hour or so to the workplace, her “Josh” and voice was a routine, something like brushing teeth, bathing etc. Last Friday was her last working day with Radiocity91. She has quit. For the last couple of days invariably in the coffee corner or in the shuttle we take her name. One insane guy said that he had fallen in love with Su. Oh my god! Recently I read that somebody is writing a story for a movie in which the hero and heroin haven’t met, haven’t spoken, haven’t touched, haven’t seen but are in love. Now I know the story….ha-ha…
Basanti has replaced Su on the show and I am sure, we will get used to her very quickly. The program name has changed to “Good morning Bangalore”.

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