Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Cancer is a dirty disease. When you are alive it pains you, it loots you of your wealth and finally it kills you. On Sunday I listened to Raghu on the corridors of Adichunchangiri hospital. He had tears in his eyes. I could not cry. Am I strong? He narrated the story of the biopsy result, the doctor’s opinion, the 20-80 chances of survival phenomenon and then Siddarta’s ayurvedic medicines. Uncle is suffering since 1 month with considerable decrement in health condition. Astrologists say his lifeline is there for 80 years. The list of Gods, to whom special prayers have been sent never ends. English medicinal treatment is ruled out. Now it’s all ayurvedic. The only hope is his co-brother who has survived a Cancer with those ayurvedic medicines. It is 14 * 8 cm in the liver\stomach area. When I and Raghu took him for a piles checkup yesterday, the doctor asks “Was the piles problem existing before the discovery of cancer?” Raghu says “No”. With the shake of the head and a revisit to the examination room the doctor scares us. After Raghu and uncle left, I ask the doctor. He says the piles may be the extension of cancer. Holy shit!! The only symptoms he showed was drastic reduction in food intake. And within a month he is diagnosed with 4th and last stage of cancer.
But miracles do happen. He may still live till 80. He is living on hope!
Another cancer died yesterday. Veerappan was shot by the STF. That’s real good news.

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