Thursday, July 07, 2005

Clean your shit

Some days ago, a senior executive had come down to India. He decided to talk to all the employees of my company. It was evening when the meeting ended. The company had given packed snacks to the attendees. Some people took the packed snacks to their shuttles and had it on their way home. Among those some were 2 girls (smartly dressed) who sat next to me in the cab. They had their snacks and got down before me. Only then I realized that they had left their empty crumpled packed of food in the cab. One girl had managed to push the packet to the edge of the seat and the other dropped the packet under the seat. What an attitude!! They cannot carry the empty packet till the nearest dustbin on their way home, but they don’t mind throwing it under the seat.
Another such incident happened yesterday. A girl had gone abroad and so had got some chocolates. She distributed it in the cab. A couple of guys ate the chocolate and threw the wrapper through the window on to the road. Some others just threw it under the seat (as they were in the aisle seats). Can't they carry the wrappers in the pockets or bags to the office and empty it into the bins there? These are school manners.
These are the people who also complain about the dirtiness in India. Why should the cab driver or the cleaner be responsible for the filth created by these stupidest people?
Tidiness does not mean that an individual is dirt free. He\She should keep the surroundings clean. Educated fools like these people don’t have the smallest bit of common sense.

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