Thursday, July 14, 2005

Meeting a Kannadiga

I was on my way back to the hotel using the regular tram. With me were 2 other collegues of mine. We were talking in Kannada and had just finished commenting on a girl. One guy mentioned that the one of the advantages of being in a foreign land is the usage of language. We can comment, scold, appreciate on anything or anybody in our mother tongue. The exact wordings were "Yarna bai kondru gothagolla". Just then a guy (did look like an Arab) came towards us. Stoped in fron of our seats and said "Yella Kannadadavra, baikolalla thane". For a moment there was silence, then we all laughed and chatted for till our time to get off the tram came.

He is in Germany from 4 months and has'nt spoken in Kannada in Germany. He would stay in Germany for another 8 months as part of some project. He spoke at length without caring if we were interested or listening to what he was talking. Just the feeling of meeting Kannadigas and talking in Kannada seemed to have lifted his spirits.

I could feel his feelings.

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