Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Forget it!

We have proved again that our memory is short. This is the nth time that this has happened. I am referring to the Ayodhya attack. There is no talk about who the attackers were or any progress in the investigation in that regard. I am checking for updates in news sites as I have no access to any Indian news channel here. Even newspapers like Hindu do not have an article on that. Why are we like this?

I am sure that it is in a way good that we forget things quickly. We have lots of other things to worry upon. But what we also forget is the reason for whatever happened. This allows the thing to happen again. Flood scams – Even today there is no correct mechanism to distribute the relief. They continue to happen and we continue to forget it. Share scams – First, Harsh Mehta showed the world how to make money by cheating. In a span of 10 years, Ketan Parekh shows us how better we could do it (just in case we forget!). I am sure there is another one in the waiting. Rules and tricks to break them go hand in hand. Attack on religious places – Babri masjid, Akshardham, Ayodhya and may be Baba Budangiri is next. It really hurts to see the breakers of law going scot free. The attackers on Ayodhya are termed as Pakistanis, and that’s it we forget. No proof, no enquiry – Nothing.

Europe and America are the other extremes. September 11th, Madrid bomb blast and now London bomb blast are etched in their memory forever. CNN does not spend a month without atleast 2 capsules on these topics. BBC will join the bandwagon soon I think.

Let us choose the correct path - forget the incident and but not the causes and consequences.

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