Monday, July 18, 2005

So near, yet so far

The formula 1 races comes to Hockenheim this weekend. It is very close (40 mins by train) to the place I stay. One of my friends here says that when the cars move on the track, we can hear the wroooooom sounds from here!

I wanted to goto the race. But the tickets are very expensive. The good stands are sold out. The seats on the stands next to the straight roads are avaiable. It costs 8000 Rs. You can just watch the car moving at 300kmph from these stands. Before I can recognise the car, it is gone. The best seats are the ones near the turnings. These are the overtaking spots and the cars are relatively slow. The tickets for such seats cost 20000 to 30000Rs. As already said, they are sold out.

Schumi will be driving in his home circuit, but Mercedes are running on their home turf. It will be interesting to watch Kimi, Alonso and Schumi race...but it will be on TV again for me.

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