Friday, July 08, 2005

Confusion trip

My travel this time has been a total confusion experience so far. And not to mention, I don’t want this trend to continue.
First I did not want to go. But I was convinced to go. Then the visa was a problem as I could not apply for a new visa until the old one expired. On 5th it expired and then I applied for visa. This caused a couple of changes in my travel itinerary. The visa office has recently introduced a new rule. They accept only passport size photos on Kodak or Konica papers. My previous visa was done with photos on Fuji paper. No small studio was ready to give me on Kodak paper. So one fine hot afternoon I drove to MGRoad to get Kodak photos.

Because my trip is short, I did not want to take the big suitcase which I had carried last time. I assumed that a smaller suitcase was available. Only yesterday night at 8:30 I realized that we did not have such a suitcase. At 9pm, yesterday I went to BigBazaar and bought a 'safari' suitcase home. When I began packing, my mom saw that there was a rivet missing. It was a damaged piece. I drove back to the bazaar and had to fight and argue to get a replacement. So my packing started only at 10:30pm. This was the time when my dad told me that my shirts and trousers are with the dhobi for ironing. It would reach home only today. I hope it has reached.
Now the explosion. There is a great increase in the security levels in all the airports of Europe. Hope this does not affect me.

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