Thursday, July 21, 2005


A close friend of mine is getting married. After some searching, he found that a cousin of his was loving him and now they plan to settle down. Wishes to them.
We had a discussion about this sometime back. I would like to recollect it today.

Time - 4-5 weeks ago on a Sunday evening...
Location - jayanagar coffeeday
Participants - M(Me) and F(Friend)

F - Maga, I want a love marraige..
M - Your age to fall in love is over, make up mind for arranged marriage.
F - Why are we like this?
M - What's wrong? Not falling in love is not crime...It is perfectly OK.
F - (Pointing to a couple\lovers...guy not smart, girl babe)....If he can fall in love why can't I?
M - Check his hair first and then hair style...Compare with u'rs if u have any...
F - Ok...You have hair and hair style...Why can't you fall in love?
M - Silent...

Both laugh....laugh...laugh...

Today - friend...You were loved by someone...
Congrats...Have a nice life.

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