Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Answers - FIFA World cup 2010 quiz

Here are the answers for the World cup 2010 quiz posted earlier in my blog.

Q1 –
It’s the logo of Merlin Entertainments Group. This group is the owner of the Sea Life Center of Oberhausen
which is the host to the octopus - Paul.

Q2 –
Before the tournament had even started, the Vuvuzelas already had a nickname in Germany.
"Uweseela", named after former German international Uwe Seeler.
Seeler reached the final of the World Cup in 1966 with Germany.

Q3 -
These are the only 2 "own" goal scorers of this world cup.
Danish, Daniel Agger scored for the Dutch in Denmark’s 2-0 loss.
South Korean, Park Chu Young scored for Argentina in Korea's 4-1 loss.

Q4 –
They are the Palacios brothers. First time 3 brothers played in the same world cup and for same country – Honduras.

Q5 –
It’s K’naan – the composer of the “Waving flag” – Coke’s anthem for worldcup.
Listen to the original song..Very inspirational. The song can be the story for a movie.

Q6 -
It is the late Dani Jarque.
Immortalised by Iniesta in the finals of WC2010 by the Tshirt caption - "Dani Jarque siempre con nosotros" (which means "Dani Jarque always with us")

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