Thursday, July 08, 2010

What was missing in this world cup?

Many of us missed the goals from Rooney, Messi, Ronaldo, Kaka. Media has starting writing about the curse of Number 10. But these are part of the actual football on field activities.

Off the field there are many things that catch main news space during the world cup. Some common ones which did not make news in this edition of FIFA world cup –
  • Crazy hair styles of players
  • Big discount sales on electronics in India
  • Naked fan invasion to the ground
  • English fans hooliganism
  • Special delicacies based on the theme of world cup
  • Messi mixture
  • Lipi lolly
  • Robben roti
  • Villa vada
  • Forlan faluda
  • Puyol Palav
  • Paul payasam

But the missing things were compensated by -
  • Haunting music of Vuvuzela (did you realize that the logo of this world cup has vuvuzela in it?)
  • Octopus predictions
  • French revolution against their coach
  • Debate on use of Technology
  • The Jabulani ball

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Ranjan said...

Puyol Palav...LOL
Paul is the WC winner