Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do we care for ... ?

I have had my lucky pyjamas, shirts, shoes…even under-wears. A lot of people in my college hostel too had their lucky ones. 

I used the same shirt and pant to my semester exams and internals (for the last 4 sems).  I wore the same shirt on my first day to work. 30% of the hostel used 1 pair of  shoes, 1 tie and 3 shirts for their campus interviews.  Because it was lucky!
Not many cared about the shoes or shirts after they got the jobs. But there was a guy who really cared for it and borrowed the shirt from the owner. Permanently.

After joining job, there has been no lucky shirt for me. (That does not mean that I ran out of luck.) But I still have something like favorite shirt or trouser. I think most of us have a favorite dress. (It’s another thesis topic about how and why a dress becomes a favorite dress.) 

What happens when the lucky dress or favorite dress dies?
Hardly there’s any feeling for some. Some are heartbroken. And there are who feel bad but get along with life. This was my state when my lucky shirt and pant died. I don’t remember the way these clothes vanished. Did not feel so bad about it. But why? Is it because clothes are non-living things? Clothes don’t respond to your feelings and hence you don’t get that personal touch? Or …?
Some questions will never get answers…That’s when you call it a “Good question”.

PS – Got this question after my previous blog “Bye-For the last time”. From the comments of the blog , I realized that some people could not just take the ending. Some were left fuming at the end. One comment also said that it should have been 3 yr old daughter. Oh!


Anonymous said...

Because its replaceable - Ranjan

Anonymous said...

I still have kept my lucky dress and favorite dress in cupboard. When i see them i feel very bad since I cant wear them now.. :(