Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just Dial 69999999

Before going further, do what I mentioned in the title of the blog.

Probably you will heard a voice before it rings!
“This is ABC. How can I help you?”
Now what did you talk?

Continue reading.

You just called the "Just Dial" service.
When it started, it was probably Yellow Pages. The name changed and along with it changed the service levels…Positively.
They are the one stop guys for any business contact numbers of the city.

I quote an example of the last weekend.
We decided to go to “24th main” for lunch.
Called “just dial”.
I was greeted “Hi Manjunath, how can I help?” From my mobile number, they already know my name (I had spoken to them earlier and hence my entry exists).
I asked for the telephone number of the restaurant.

Redirection - They asked if  they could connect me to the place. Yes. And they did. In one call, I had booked the table. 

Additional choice – They also asked if they can send a message (& email) with other telephone numbers of other nearby restaurants.

Filter – They asked the price range of the meal I am looking for….100-200, 200-500 so on.
The SMS (and email) was clear –Price range of the restaurant, area of the restaurant, names and their telephone numbers.

And you thought that’s it.

20 min later, I get a call on my mobile from the restaurant “1947”.
“Sir, you were looking for having lunch in restaurant today. We provide good service and quality food…….”
I said “Thanks, it’s taken care off”

For the internet savvy guys, they do have a website www.justdial.com and a wap site - wap.justdial.com . These sites provide the same set of services.

Now that’s called “SERVICE”. Isn’t it?

Recently "Just Dial" became First Indian Company to Win the Red Hat Innovation Award.  
Congrats for this achievement!

PS - I am not a shareholder in this company. I am a regular user of their services.


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Great service i use it all the time. - Raj

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Great service i use it all the time. - Raj

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