Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Caught in a wrong place?

Chapter 1

I was having pizza with a set of friends.
The son of my dad’s friend arrives at the same place with his group of friends. Our eyes meet. We seem to recognize each other. Before a smile escapes, he turns away.
I went home and told my dad about this incident. Dad said “theirs is an orthodox family. They don’t even cook onion at home.  He won’t come to pizza joint where non-veg is served”.

I thought I was wrong. It may be another person.
But if it was really him, did he try to hide from me?
Probably he thought I would tell my dad about this. And my dad would tell his dad. And he was caught in a wrong place?

Chapter 2

It was a chat shop. The ones where Pani-puri, bhel puri etc is made. I was having one of such puris. He was there. We recognized each other. But he ignored me completely.
I was sure it was him. He was the local temple priest. I have seen him many times in the temple. He wishes me at the temple. He was the one who performed pooja for my car. He is a regular priest at my neighbor. But why did he ignore me.

Traditional priests are not supposed to eat onions and also eat in places like chat centers.
Probably he thought I would tell my neighbor about this. And my neighbor would tell the temple authorities. And he was caught in a wrong place?


Anonymous said...

were you caught in a wrong place?
- sundar

Lost in thoughts said...

not sure...but cant deny.