Saturday, July 17, 2010

A letter to Mr. Qureshi

Dear Mr Qureshi,

First of all thanks for hosting an Indian delegation for “talks” in Islamabad. You have done a great job as a “host”. The “guests” are very happy with your treatment!

Coming to the serious issues that have marred the bilateral talks - In strongly worded statements you have hit out at India and the Indian delegation headed by the foreign minister, SM Krishna.
The media on both sides (India and Pak) is gung-ho over your statements. You seem to have created a new debate topic for the news hungry media. When it comes to Indo-Pak topics, the debates are intellectual in nature. But by your “cheap” comments, you have tried to bring down Ind-Pak debates to a street quarrel.

Sometime back, I read a research paper on “Fear psychology”. I do not remember the author, but still remember the details.  The paper said - “Fear” kills the “reason” side of the brain. “Fear” ignites the “instinct” side of the brain. And “instinct” without “reason” more often leads to “blunders”.  This is the reason why people die in fire and stampedes. “Instinctively” people run from inside the building (which has caught fire). “Reasoning” would suggest that you need to crawl towards the exit, because smoke goes higher. People die more of suffocation than burn injuries.

Looks like, you said what you said because of the “Fear” you are in. The “Fear” of the ISI. The “Fear” of the Pak army. The “Fear” of being ‘taken off’. The “fear” of the terrorist groups within Pakistan. And most of all, the “Fear” of ‘Facts’. You are after all a human. And these fears have killed your “Reasoning”.

The entire world knows how notorious is the ISI and how powerful is the Pak army within Pak. Recently the USA and India got hard evidences through Headley that ISI was arm in glove in the 26/11 attack on Mumbai. It’s no secret that ISI and the army control your Govt and your policies  (FYI…in most other countries, the Govt controls their army and intelligent agencies). It’s also no secret that even today your army considers India as their enemy No.1 (though its more than obvious the enemy No1 is within Pak). The Pak army did invade into Kargil and the then Pak PM had no bloody clue of this! Later the army chief becomes the head of state. That’s the power of your army. Every minister of Pak including you fear them. Isn’t it?

You grew puppies which have grown into monsters called Terror Orgs. The puppies were supposed to bite Indians. But now that you allowed them grow into monsters, they need more food. They are feeding on common men and women of Pakistan. You have no control over them. Not even to save your fellow citizens.  Poor you! And it’s too hard for you to digest the fact that this is known to the entire world. Especially when an Indian tells this, it hurts most.  And when the US tells this, you fear most. And when your own media whips you on this….You run out of any reasoning.

Look at what your newspapers during the talks. Facts. Facts that your govt is incapable of handling the internal crisis. Fact that you cannot handle India well. Fact that you did not have your side of agenda for the talks. Fact that you did not talk Pak side. And the fact that you are not the person who should represent Pak in Indo-Pak talks.

So to counter all these “Fears”, you chose the easy route. BLAME INDIA. Bravo. Not even cared to do it with dignity. Phone calls, ill-prepared, time-bound talks…Dint you get better reasons? I am sure your experience would tell you that you goofed up. And big time. I am sure, you will regret this, probably in your auto-biography.

Come on Mr. Qureshi, Krishna wants a better and fearless counterpart.

Best Wishes,
Common Indian


Anonymous said...

I agree with you - Raj

Swathi Pradeep said...

-Swathi Pradeep,

bhoopie said...

Qureshi is nothing but a piece of garbage, a shit salesman mouthful of samples.