Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Attitude saves

There is a big group of people standing around an old man who is lying on the pavement. The old man is holding an iron piece in his hand and saliva is pouring out of his mouth. People who are moving in their vehicles stop by, have a look at the old man and continue with their job. A motorbike comes to a stop on the road. A man who has the typical look of a don gets down. He has rings on 8 of his 10 fingers, sports a thick gold chain and an even thicker gold bracelet. But what stands out is his attitude. This person walks towards the old man, calls 4 guys from the group that is watching, asks them to lift the old man up, calls an autorickshaw, and sits inside the autorickshaw as the guys put the old man into the autorickshaw. As the auto is about to start towards the nearest hospital, the old man’s relatives arrive and thank this person as they sit in the autorickshaw. The saviour moves out of the rickshaw, hands the driver a 20 rupee note. The auto moves on with the poor old man and his poorer relatives. This guy then gives a mouthful to the people who were standing there, without helping the old man. Gets on to his bike and drives away. What was not done for 15 minutes was done in a minute by this man!
Amazing attitude by this unknown savior!

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