Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Exams and no tension

It is result time for the kids in school. I got a bit nostalgic when my niece explained me her results. She just finished her 1st year of schooling. The teacher hugged and kissed her good-bye as my sister received the file that had all the so called “class work”.

According to my niece, the highlight of the result day was the ice-cream that was distributed by the school authorities to all the children. I was as innocent as my niece at her age. No thots about the ranks, no tension about the scores…eat, play and enjoy. Life was beautiful.

I even think that I was like my niece during my engineering. No care for ranks and scores. Just read on the last day and finish the exams. Started studies with no tension and finished studies with no tension. How I wish life was like this always!
There is another interesting stuff about her exams in the 1st year of school. Tying the shoe lace was an exam. The other exams were playing in mud, making clay models, making self portraits, writing the home address and parents’ telephone numbers. I liked such exams. They are more practical and necessary.

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