Thursday, April 14, 2005

Who or What is the culprit?

Ganguly is fined and banned for 6 one day internationals. Reason - India bowled their overs slowly and we were consistently doing it. The key here is consistent.
For more than 3 matches the ICC guys have punished the captain. But we have not yet figured out a reason for the slow over rate. The press and the experts start talking about Ganguly's career, the appeal against the ban etc. But what is really important is to find the reason for the tardy rate. Tomorrow Dravid may face this problem. Paying fine and appealing is never going to be a solution.
Why is nobody trying to find the reason for the problem? Is it one or two bowlers causing the problem? Or is it the pressure that slows us? What is the team management doing about this?

It is important to find the reason and a solution to the problem than crib and complain about the laws, match referees and ICC.

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