Monday, April 11, 2005

Personal and professional life

A group of girls join a software company. All of them join as fresher and are from the same place. They are assigned to the same project and they stay in the same working women hostel. They become close friends and start moving together. They share their personal secrets about marriage, boy friends, managers, leads, crushes blah blah. One fine day one of the girls gets a promotion. Things started changing very fast. The girl who got the promotion just stopped speaking to her friends (who are now reporting to her) on personal terms. The other girls feel that she doesn’t deserve the promotion. They now behave as if there was nothing common between them. I met the girls on Friday. It is so pathetic to listen to their views. A promotion has changed human beings. I do not know who is correct or who is wrong but one thing I know is it is hard to keep personal and professional relationships different in India. Why are we like this? I don’t know.

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