Monday, April 25, 2005

The best F1 race

It's a Monday again. And invariably my mind is on the sports I watched on TV over the weekend. All I remember on a Monday morning is the football and F1 races. I wanted to write about my site today. But I decided to postpone that for a later day.
I have to write about the best F1 race I have ever watched.

Imola was the venue for the San Marino race. Ferrari's home circuit has always been the bastion for the reds. So all eyes were on Schumi. Schumi had told that he would go all out for the race as he has nothing to loose. 1st qualification he drove well and finished 3rd behind Kimi and Alonso. But the Sunday morning qualification session had something else for him. Brakes were not applied at the right time and so he drove over the gravel. This meant that Alonso would not have a dangerous red beside him in the starting line. But what happened in the race would have surprised all the other drivers including Alonso. Starting 13th Schumi was 2nd at the beginning of 50th lap of the 62 lap race. Good aggressive and strategic driving got him to 2nd spot. But then Alonso showed how to drive when under constant pressure. Alonso used all his skills to keep Schumi out of the top spot. The Renault driver won the 4th race of the season by 200th of a second. Schumi overtaking Button was a treat to the eyes. It was a blinder and I don’t know how he pulled it off. The drama continued after the race too. Button's 3rd place was confirmed 6 hours after the race. The battle for the F1 title has just begun. Renault and Ferraris are in for a long battle.

Rooney produced a gem of a goal to lift Manu against Newcastle Utd. Manu eventually won 2-1 after Brown headed home for this first goal of EPL. Chelsea is all set to take the title. Robben was back for Chelsea after a long injury layoff. He provided one of the best pass of the match tp Lampard, who made no mistake in sending the ball past the Fulham goalie. The pressure is now on Arsenal. They need to win against the Spurs to remain in the race for the title. Chelsea will win.

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