Tuesday, April 05, 2005

In support of Ganguly

There have been so many discussions on Ganguly's form and his captaincy. People like Bedi are supporting the ouster of Ganguly not only from captaincy, but also from the team. One word reaction to those arguments is "RIDICULOUS".
Ganguly certainly deserves a place and the captain's cap too. What is seen is his scorecard and because he doesn’t have good scores, people say that he should be axed. What we cannot see is the motivational Ganguly who has inspired the knocks of Shewag, Dravid and today Dhoni.
He was not in form when India drew Australia in Australia, when India beat Pakistan in Pakistan.
Today’s match was won because of his captaincy. Dhoni was promoted in the order. Bowlers were shuffled in such a way that every bowling change resulted in wickets. Nehra gets a wicket of the 1st over of his 1st and 2nd spells. Yuvi gets wicket in the first over. Field placements were too good.
Just because we loose a match and he has not scored runs doesn’t mean that he has to be dropped....every batsman failed in Bangalore test 2nd innings. The so called greatest Sachin became the top scorer and gave a lollypop catch and went. Why is he not to be blamed?
Ganguly's aggressiveness deserves the captain’s place. Dravid has proven to be a great player, but his captaincy skills haven’t been thoroughly tested even as a captain of Karnataka.
Also dropping the captain in the middle of a crucial series like this one will boost the morale of Pakistan, which is the last thing any Indian wants.
The press should discourage this discussion and people like Bedi should just shut up. The best way to shut them would be – A Ganguly ton in Jamshedpur with a 5-1 series victory.

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