Friday, April 22, 2005

Kannada movies

I am very desperate to watch a Kannada movie. Its a very long time since I watched the super hit "ApthaMitra". It has completed 34 weeks adn still it is difficult to get the tickets. The Tamil version "ChandraMukhi" is running well now. My friend gave me some suggestions on the good Kannada movies. Ayya" is a hit among the masses. Darshan Thugudeep has created a big fan following for himself and his movies are doing well. After the massive hit "Kalasipalya", Darshan is a police inspector in "Ayya". Another film with the hero as a police is "Rakshasa". Shivraj stars in this Koti(Crore) Ramu venture. The music by Sadhu Kokila is ok. Sudeep's "Kashi - from the village" has nothing special in it and is on the verge of becoming a flop. "Rishi" has good feedback and is supposedly shot very glamourously.

But my friend asked me to wait till May 29th for the mega budget (4.5 crore) Ravichandran's movie "Aham Premasmi". Lot of publicity is given to this movie and the hairstyle has evoked a cult feeling. Talking of hairstyles, Shivraj kumar sports a similar hair style for his next venture "Jogi". The songs are very good and the storyline has evoked lot of media interest in the movie. Uppi's much awaited "News" is hit the big screen in May. Hope this gives a life line to Uppi as an actor.

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