Saturday, April 23, 2005

Goof up

Yesterday evening we had a party at my friend's place. The guy has quit my company and is at his new job since a week. He and his wife invited us for dinner. The party as always was total fun with lot of leg pulling. By 8pm we decided to have dinner. The guy had a new cooker which does not whistle thrice to indicate that the rice is cooked. It is a modern model and you need to track the time and switch it off. We were immersed in deep conversation and so he and his wife forgot to switch off the cooker. It was switched off 5 minutes late and so the rice was very sticky. There were lumps all through. We ate the rice and finished it off. Mid way through the dinner we needed more rice and so host's wife began to cook it in the more traditional cooker. One guy in the group was waiting for rice with rajma in the plate. The jovial conversation continued. He said that he will get good rice to eat and teased the guys who had finished the food with the lumpy rice. I replied "you expect to to get good rice...too high expectations". I mean this statement could be one of the most horrible statements that can be made. I dont know why i told it but the moment i finished it, i knew i had goofed up. I am really feeling bad about the statement but i dont know what to do. Once uttered, thats cannot take it back. It is giving an odd feeling.

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shail said...

Well, I can understand how you said it. You were all teasing each other, pulling legs and so you automatically said something that was meant to tease your friend who was waiting for the rice. :)
It just so happens that when you take a second look, it sort of sounds odd in relation to your hosts and their hospitality, its true. But I am sure even they saw the inherent humor! :)