Tuesday, November 02, 2004

All in 3 days...

Finally, I found a library which has English novels near my house. It has old collection but there are lots of magazines, kannada books etc.
I had been to the play "Love letters" along with my friends in the evening. The seating arrangement, the crowd and the play were all good. The play is actually reading of letters exchanged between a male and a female friend. They start off from childhood till they die. It shows the different feelings of friends as they age and how business etc affects them. Also talks about the same "Men are from Mars, women are from Venus" stuff. How true!

After lots of planning, finally 4 friends of mine decided to meet and go for a movie. At the nth moment rain spoilt the plans and 2 guys couldnt turn up. It was a big dissappointment. 2 of us went to Collateral. Oops, such a horrible movie. No story, just mindless drives and killings. No philosophy also. Please avoid this crap.

Some sudden development and spent the entire day in hospital. Looks like alls well now. Hopefully!

Back to work now..after the hectic long weekend..

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