Friday, November 19, 2004

Suicide attempt

I was traveling along the Bangalore Hassan road (NH 48) yesterday. About 50 kms away from Bangalore, the bus came to a sudden stop. I got up from the rock hard seat and saw thru the glass in front to see a man (in shorts) lying on the centre of the road. He wanted to die rather he wanted to commit suicide. He was being persuaded by a lady (who seemed to be his wife) to get out of the road. She was pulling him off the road. The place was not a village or a town and was surrounded by agricultural fields. So she could not get any help from anybody else. Without bothering much, my driver slowly started and went extreme left and got his front wheels away from the man lying on the road. As I kept my eyes of this man via the window, in one rush of blood the man threw the lady away and came in-between the front and the rear wheels of the bus. The entire bus shouted in unison. The driver was also watching this thru his rear view mirror and applied brakes. The women came again and pulled the guy away with all her strength. The driver caught the chance and eased his mighty bus ahead of him. As we passed this maniac, I could see a lorry slowly down in the opposite direction.

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