Friday, November 12, 2004

Festival traffic

The festival weekend had just started when I went to the Majestic bustand on Wedenesday evening. The bustand was jam packed and there was no place for people to stand forget sitting. There were a lot of extra buses to many places to accomadate the big crowd.

Its difficult to control such huge crowds all coming to Majestic, but the attitude of the police was really pathetic. A group of 4 policemen stood on the pavement smoking and chatting without even bothering the to answer some guys who were asking "Where does Tumkur bus stop?". Some drivers and conductors were really helpful. Better management is the key.

The traffic was almost crawling in the huge KG road from Hudson circle onwards. It was not a pleasant breathing the smoke inside the auto all along that road. God knows how many missed their trips and how many got delayed!

Its rare that Ramzan and Diwali come in successive days (in one big weekend of 5 days).

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