Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Where is Vanamahotsava?

Does anybody remember Vanamahotsava?
It was the day we used to plant trees(plants) when we were in schools. I remember taking some plants in plastic covers to the school and planting it in some pre-planned locations, watering it etc. Now we dont even remeber that such a day existed. Nowadays we celebrate every other stupid day like Smile day, Heart day, Hug day...but not the important ones like this plant day. We need this more now in most parts of Bangalore. The garden city is slowly loosing its green charm. There used to be lots of plants in all the new layouts with the protection (black sticks with mess, to prevent cows from eating). Now I dont see this here.
Sometimes I get this sudden josh of we should do it...But there it stops...
I was googling for some forest trek spots and hit upon this festival in one site. I then read an interesting article regarding this.

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