Monday, November 29, 2004

City in GOLD

Yes, Bangalore wore a festive look on this weekend. Ladies were seen in silk sarees all over the place. The ornaments on the face just sidelined their natural beauty. The chests rose in pride to display the layers of gold ties. Hands rose frequently like the Rajnikanth drill dance to show off the pearl studded bangles. Guys never want to be left behind!! Dark fingers adored rings with diamonds or initials of their names. One friend of mine sported a chain weighing 60gms which he called "Sachin Tendular chain". There were 1 inch thick bracelets to be shown.

It was a very auspicious day in the Hindu calendar. All the wedding halls were booked. One could see flowery boards displaying "AAAA" weds "BBBB" in front of the halls. Colorful lights glittered on the otherwise dull walls of the buildings. I attended 2 marriages. I guess only 30-40% of the people cooked and ate in their houses. I saw a capsule on the "Headlines Today" news channel. It said that in Delhi alone, there were 14000 weddings. (Yes, you read it right...fourteen thousand weddings.) The best parts of the weddings are the friends, relatives, the crowd and the food. I enjoyed every bit of the weekend.

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