Tuesday, November 23, 2004


There are 3 wash basins with huge mirrors in front of them. There are 3 pissing pots hung on the walls and there are 2 shit pots within closed doors. All this in a space of approx 15ft X 15ft. This is roughly the description of restroom of my floor in my office. Now the true incident as told by a friend of mine.

"I entered the empty restroom. I pissed in the piss pot when I saw a guy entering the restroom and moving towards the wash basin. I went near the wash basin to wash my hands. Through the corner of my eyes, I could see something unusual about the posture of the guy in the wash basin next to me. When I turned to see him, I was shell shocked. The guy was holding his organ in his hand and pissing into the wash basin!! I said "Boss?" He immediately said "Sorry" and moved away to the pissing pot to continue his job. As I left the restroom, I could see some yellow drops in the clean wash basin. Such guys also exist in here. Huh!!!"

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