Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Saree and Bindi

Yesterday Diwali was celebrated in my office. People had come in ethnic dresses. Guys had come in Kurta and pyjama. One guy had come in Kurta and panche\vaistiand a towel over his shoulder. Or simply putting it "Mandya gowdru" style. Girls who generally wore salwars had moved to sarees and who generally wore trousers sported salwars! Of course there were exceptions in both the sexes.

I was particularly impressed by the girls who came in the traditional Indian dress. I mean not because they are tradional but because of their looks. (Did I need to say this explicitly ;-))? Saree and bindi gives some oomp feeling. People talk about exposure, clear visibility of the figure etc. I don’t know the reason. All I know is that it’s a general feeling among guys that girls are better in sarees and I agree with this. There are companies in the US which prohibit ladies from wrapping themselves in the 5+ foot piece of cloth because it excites the guys around. It’s just sexier than the minis, low cuts or the “Brigade road clothing”.

Indian film industry seems to recognize this fact. Raveena in “Shool”, Juhi in “3 Deewarein”, Sreedevi’s seducing song in “Mr India” and Soundarya in “Apthamitra” all got special recognition for their dressing which was designer sarees. There are sarees named after many films.

If you see a lady in a saree daily, then the charm may just fade away. So wait for the next ethnic day.

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