Friday, November 05, 2004

Impossible figures

In the Landmark quiz, there was a visual that showed Uma Thurman walking up and down a stairway in the movie "The Avengers". The question was "Whats the structure?" Answer - Penrose stairway.
I did a google on this and found that there are a category of figures known as "Impossible figures". These can only be drawn but they can't be realised. Wondering what is so great about drawing something that can be real? Check out the pictures in the link and it looks so stupid. Somebody draws something and people all round the world start doing phds on it. People like me discuss and blog it aswell!!!
Other funny aspect is that these figures fall in the maths category. I just had a discussion about this with my friend here. His arguement was that its all geometric shapes, so its geometry and so its maths.
I dont agree with this. Then any drawing is maths!
By the way, Penrose stairway is a staircase which neither goes up nor goes down...Huh!

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