Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mind games - Change in Me

Got up in the morning today. Suddenly felt that something about me is going to change in near future. I have absolutely no signs of any change. Get a weird feeling that it could be my job. Could it be further studies? NOOOO! Don't know whyI am really thinking of this...

Yes, there's a reason. Recently a friend of mine showed me, how my sixth sense predicted something good that happened to another friend of mine. For reasons best known to me, I can't elaborate this again.
So my sixth sense is giving me a creepy feeling!

Is it a good change or a bad change? Let me face the inevitable and .."Aal iz well" (for now at-least).

Hey! As I write this, Realized again that I do not know when to put a comma(,) in a sentence. Makes the blog a hard read? English written communication needs to improve. Is that the change?

Just realized that the previous blog could have been named "Pati, Patni Aur Woh". 
Again, don't ask for elaboration. SAP employees probably can guess why.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, yeno kathe nindu...