Friday, February 19, 2010

Astrology Business - Part 1

Do you know whats the value of the "Astrology" business in India? Don’t expect an answer. I don’t know. I think, its not even considered for accounting. Or cant be accounted. Or the best question - Why should it be accounted? (This gives me a special kick…Asking questions which do not have quick answers.)

Knowing the people around me & watching some of the TV shows (especially the early morning ones), I feel there is a big market for astrology. Astrology, according to me can be as powerful as the media business. And if the 2 combine well, it’s a killer.

I am looking for partners to invest in this business.

Astrology Business Ethics -
First have belief in Astrology. You know Astrology is a business of "Trust" (not that other businesses are distrustful…you know what I mean, Right?).

Business strategy -
Hire some "so called" astrolgers and some "so called" good software techies (I need a few software apps). Actually no need of testers. The astrolgers are grouped into categories - General, Sports, Politics, weather and economy. Oh! And Terrorism. Sub categories could be state politics, cricket, earthquake, Iraq, Usa, Pakistan……Those are implementation specifics..Lets first strategise.

The group of astrolgers associated with a category will predict the future of the anything in that category. Some CLEAR examples -

1. Sports - Tiger WILL reveal his secret affair with a famous Bollywood actress if he comes to India without black eyes.
2. Politics - Abhishek Bachchan's 1st child WILL join SP when Amar Singh becomes PM.
3. Weather - The next big earthquake of the world WILL kill 100+ people.
4. Economy - Reliance WILL buy Tata group if Tata sells everything (to others) but Tea business.
5. Terrorism - Indian Mujahiddin leader, Mehsud Khurram Khan WILL stay in a hut in the Afghan border of Pak till daybreak tomorrow.

Look at the conviction. WILL in bold. That WILL build Trust.

Publicity -
Yes. Yes. Yes. Its automatic.
These are breaking news in every Indian channel. Don’t you think so?

And there would be TV debates over this. And there would be blogs. And the housewives will converse with the neighboring housewives. And cab discussions will ridicule this. And people will tweet this. And And And…Oh so many things can happen. Already counting rupees in crores. Just the sports prediction can fetch millions of speculations and rupees.

Now that you need time to count the dollars in your account & my wife is laughing and calling me to watch the latest Breaking news - "Replica of Micheal Jackson's stolen underwear WILL be sold in Bangalore's city market". I leave you.

Become a partner!
Bye partners! Sleep well & Dream well!

More in part 2.

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