Friday, February 26, 2010

On the road (of life)

Nursery days - A basket with a book, pencil box & the snack box. Mom holding it in one hand and holding me in the other. Pulling me along. I was probably wondering "Why should amma pull me? why cant amma let me practice ABCD as I try to read the shop names". 15 mins walk.

School days - Carry heavy books in a bag. Hanging on 2 shoulders like rug sack bag. Walk till bus stop, while kicking the stones on the road. Sit in the bus(I was boarding at the starting point). The seat before the back door was preferred. 2 reasons for this. One, Learn the foot board lessons quickly. Two, help the footboarders by keeping their bags. 40 mins bus.

Pre-University days - Bag in the bicycle carrier. Style in heart. Bicycle with the friends group. Occasional impromtu races added to the thrill. 1hr of cycling with breaks at friends homes.

Graduate days - 2 to 4 books in one hand and a couple of slices of bread (breakfast) in the other. a pen in pocket. Run to the class in the morning. Walk back to hostel leisurely when the class is over. Rarely doubles in cycle. Then either you are holding 8 books or you are pedaling. 5 to 10 mins walk\run.

Early Working days - ID card in pocket. Helmet on head. Zoom. 15 mins drive to office.

Working days continued - 4+ kg bag - with laptop and some junk on the shoulders. A book in the arm. Early morning jog\walk to the bus-stop. Bak Bak when in mood. Or play cards. Or read books. 2 hours of travel.

Nostalgic Feelings -
  • Nobody would ever hold my hand and pull me through.
  • Miss the foot board adventures (as a friend puts it - There was a brotherhood among foot-board travelers).
  • The most enjoyable travel was during PU days. Cycling in the roads of old Bangalore...How I miss it.
  • Miss the gossip and breakfast on the run during graduate days.
  • Miss the speed to reach office during my early working days.
  • Now enjoy the chatting and playing during the travel.
When this stops...Something more interesting would come in the road of life...

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Anonymous said...

maamu...i remember the accident on cycle when we were racing...