Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why do people "Love to beat me"?

Before you proceed, let me make 2 things clear. One, I am not answering this question. Two, this is nothing to do with Valentine's day though there is Love in the title.

There have been several instances in my personal circle and in my official circle when I find people immensely happy when I loose to them (in other words, they love to beat me). This could be a card game in the cab or official discussion or a casual discussion with whomsoever or if its something to do with family matters or nothing. The instances show that this is a feeling is not with one or 2 individuals but with different set of people, with varied backgrounds and varied knowledge about me as an individual. Some guys know "how dumb I am" (i don’t want to say "how intelligent I am". I want to be modest :-) Both are relative terms.). Some have seen only my jovial side of life. Some only my serious side. And they have not met each other even in this facebooked and orkuted world.

Still they share a common trait - "Feel happy when Manjunath is beaten by them".

Here are some examples -
  • Person prefers to finish "last-but-one" in the card game, but plays all tricks to place me on the bottom of the winners list. If its not clear - winning is not the motto. Beating me is.
  • Football betting - Same here, the person wants to beat me even if he doesn’t win.
  • If you think cricket is a level playing field. You are wrong. There are guys who want to smash my bowling in particular (more often I oblige :-), not because I am a bad bowler, but to see them happy). But here in cricket, I am not singled out to beat...There are several of my friends who have a special (dis)liking to a special person (cricketwise only...not otherwise).
  • Guy wants to prove my notion of any official work wrong. He is silent in the meeting until I open my mouth. And once that happens, in no time there are comments and counter-comments. The best part - our work is rather like those geometrical lines which never meet, nor go in same direction. Still proving me wrong is the biggest nasha\kick.
(I can see smiling faces reading this blog and know whom I am referring to, May be they are wrong!).

You think its common among enemies. But I don’t think these guys are my enemies. I can for sure tell that some of these "LoveToBeatManjunath" guys are my good friends (so far). Pretty sure that enemity is not the reason.
Monetary benefits - NOOO! The football betting or the card games are just fun time pass events. There is no money involved. Sometimes there is not even a juice involved.
Official growth - Again NOOO! And no further comments!
Is it that they have a similar fighting instinct on others - NOOO! In fact sometimes people gang up (birds of same feather ....) to beat me.

Then what?

PS -
  • I have found that people who "LoveToBeatManjunath" have not harmed me. There has never been a physical assault on me. Never have I been verbally abused by these friends. And the big hope is that it stays this way.
  • I do not know, if it is my arrogant personality (read both words separately) that makes them "LoveToBeatManjunath" guys. And I do not know - if I will change by knowing the reason. I may, if the reason is valid and the change is worthy.

As a tribute to St Valentine - Ending on a love note -
I love the way I am and I love to change..

And keep up the spirit of "LoveToBeatManjunath"!

If you know me well - you also know I am not serious about this.


Gaveesh said...

Hahaha.. I know all of the personalities whom you are refering to!! :-)

Simply Adi said...

I know you want the ppl to keep up the feeling. However, after a certain point, it cannot be continued to be seen as funny. If there is a genuine reason, then they ought to bring it out to the open so that if the root cause is something that maybe you can work on, so be it. Otherwise ppl need to change..
Again, its just my opinion