Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When the pores open up

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.
Night - sometime after I sleep. I did not check the time on my mobile.

I wake up suddenly (which doesn't happen often). Felt my forehead. Its wet. Same feeling as I caressed by neck. Bloody Sweaty. Am I sick? Confirmed No. Walked to the window to check if there is something called "WIND" to cool me. Leaves of the plants were sleeping without swaying. Wonder why they call window WINDow! Grrr!!!  Drank some water. Back to bed. Sleep.

The act repeats some hrs (lets put it some time) later. Perhaps it was already 17.02.2010. I did not bother to go to the window. This time more pores of the body had vomited out the salty fluid. Sweat. Arms, stomach all wet. More water went in to feed the hungry body pores. Glass empty. Body lazy to walk to kitchen to fetch more H2O. Sleep.

It happened again. The pores of my skin had done it again. Woke me in sweat. Frustratingly checked the time. 2:53am. Cant the clock run faster? Grrr!!! again. Went to the kitchen. Noisily drank and fetched water(for the next refilling). Realized that the artificial source of WIND was off. Fan. How couldn't I think of it earlier? Switched it on. Sleep.

Trinn...Trinn...(whatever sound). Its 5:20am. 10 more mins(grace period) of sleep warned the mobile. Grrr!!! yet again.

And ended a bad night...began an interesting day.

This winter was short and not cold.
Wonder what would it be at peak summer months! Power cuts. Mosquitoes. Heat. The pores. Grrr!! Where is my sleep?

Welcome Indian summer!

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Anonymous said...

you almost made me puke when you wrote pores vomited sweat...Dirty you.