Tuesday, February 09, 2010

First reactions

Got some replies to an early morning SMS sent by me from cab, about the breaking news I heard from a friend…
Wanted to share here…(not sure if it's legal to do it, but no names here).
Different words - Same emotions…Or is it ? Just observe the power of "What".

  • What? Seriously na?
  • What?!
  • That’s really surprising..not a good news..
  • Cant believe this
  • What!
  • Hmmm…Interesting!!! Something fishy.
  • Oh why? after a good result. Hmm..
  • Oh my God…
  • Big news
  • What? Is it ter in papers
  • S*** man, sinking ship unless miracle happens.
  • :-o
  • What…Thought will happen by end of this year
  • Nim ajji…ketta biscuit hakidya?
It's anybody's guess on what the news was!

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