Sunday, February 07, 2010

"Spotted Cobra" plant

Found a leaf of the not-so-beautiful plant on the roadside. Got it home - just because it looked different. Then realised that the end of the leaf is a plant. Carelessly threw it into a pot which already had plants. This was around 4 months ago.
Abracadabra - Today it blooms….Yes, it’s a good feeling.

Sadly, looks like the flower saps out all the energy of the plant and the plant may just die. Leaves are drying out. But the siblings of the flowering plant will stay in my pot. Happy and Blooming :-)

Picture(s) is(are) worth a thousand words!

But only words can explain what the picture shows! So here are the words...

What kind of plant is this?
  •     Leaves hold the children and the future plant...Just take a leaf and show it the soil, and it grows into a new Cobra plant.
  •     Leaves are the branches
  •     Spotted but smooth skin
  •     Shape of leaf resembles an elongated coffee seed (a central groove with no sharp edges)
As I know nothing about the colocial or the botanical name of this, I call it "Spotted Cobra plant".

Now explaining the name - Terms - Spotted and plant are obvious, but why cobra and not zebra nor cheetah?
The end of the leaf looks like the hood of a cobra :-)

PS - Watch the top view photo in full screen view to look at the amazing symmetry of the plant.

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