Thursday, February 25, 2010

I should not blog on Sachin

Still I blog on this person. An enigma. Called Sachin Tendulkar.

Back to the title - I should not blog on Sachin - Why?

Is there anything new that I can write about Sachin?

There are tons and tons of articles floating in the net, print media, wired media, wireless. Probably someone in outer space would have also heard about yesterday's record of Sachin. There are articles of his wife, children, teacher, friends, neighbors, fans, enemies, critics, sponsors, statistics…oh spare somebody. Or spare something. There is also no secret of Sachin which is not published…Yes even his secrets are public, and we still call it secret.
I wonder what he would write in his autobiography (I think he will defineitely write it). Can Sachin score it big with his book? Yes. Without doubt. The fans and the critics would be hungry to read if he writes something new and fishy which they don't know.

But But But...I can still share a something about Sachin. This dialogue happened between me and my friend some months ago. And I doubt if he has shared this with others…So brand new news coming up in the lines below.
I once told my friend "Sachin is a great batsman". He said "No". "Sachin is the greatest batsman" he said. Ok. The conversation continued. Then I told "Sachin is the greatest batsman". He again said "No". "Sachin is the greatest cricketer". Ah!

This is a testimony to his great career. Great records. Great fan following.

Thanks Sachin for entertaining us so long!
(if I sound as if its an farewell speech…Sorry…Sachin is here to stay…Not go.)

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