Thursday, May 27, 2010

Examples kill Essence?

Harsha Bhogle was in our office a couple of days ago. And what do you expect Harsha to do? Speak. Yes for sure, he was here to speak. Speak on what? Sports? Cricket? Commentary skills? Oratory techniques? All these seem to go well with the man - HARSHA BHOGLE. Now look at the title of the talk he gave us - "10 Sporting Truths". You are pretty sure that he came here to talk on some sports related topic.

But it was a management talk. Hmm...Wondering??? You are not alone. There were some people who have less interest in sports and did not turn up for the talk. That's fair.

What about the people who came to the talk in huge numbers? Did they get the management gyan? 

Most were mesmerized with Harsha's talk. His sports examples will be remembered. His notorious sense of timing will be appreciated for some more days. Photos will be shared. His curious change in hair style will be analyzed. 

Everybody who attended the talk will remember that Ricky Ponting hits stumps (when fielding) very often. Everybody remembers the Chicago Bulls strategy on Micheal Jordan to win NBA. All would remember the Tiger Woods joke. Guys were appraised that Ronaldinho is not in world cup squad of Brazil. Probably we will also remember the Habib-ul-Bashar statement at the end of a fascinating day of cricket for Bangladesh (such days are rare for the team).

Remembering this is good. But it would be best if people remembered the underlying meaning of these examples (or Sporting truths). 

Harsha just wanted to drive the management lessons via these examples. Wondering if that's the right approach (especially from the charismatic cricket commentator, Harsha)! The lesson is important than the example. 

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