Monday, May 24, 2010

"Offense"sive driving

Day - Sunday, 23rd May 2010
Time - around 5 pm.
Drove 27kms in 42 mins.
From: Hosakerehalli
To: Yelahanka rly station (both places are in Bangalore.)
Route -Watch it
Weather - Pleasant (It impacts the driving speed)
Mode - My Hyundai Santro
People who have seen\heard about the notorious Bangalore traffic would appreciate the feat. I mean, it was fast. Very fast. There was the need to do it. My sister realised that she has to catch a train at 1745 from Yelahanka at 1640.
That was the problem. I was at-least 20-30 km/hr faster than the limit. The police with the guns caught me. Let me be precise, the TRAFFIC POLICE with the SPEED GUNS caught me.
It was at the Kogilu cross, Yelahanka that the police had laid a plot for me. 
Till we approached the Kogilu cross signal, there was heavy traffic with cars overtaking each other at great speeds. After the signal, I was the only guy flying on the road. Then I saw the dreaded men. This was when I realized that the others were just not fast, but were smart. They slowed down at the right place knowing that the men with the guns are trying to catch a bakra.
The moment I saw the men in uniform, I remembered my friend telling me about the speed guns on the airport road. But it was too late. 300 bucks gone. A blackberry recorded the offense with my car number and license number.
This is the 3rd offense with my car and license (Yes, both are not mapped). After 2 offenses, I was careful not to get the 3rd ticket. But urgency took over me. It was a sick feeling yesterday.


Anonymous said...

I was caught on my Pulsar. Same spot and plot.
- Sundar

Lost in thoughts said...

thanks for giving company :-)

Sailor in Metal ocean said...

i would like you to rephrase your title , its no "offense"sive driving"

it should have been "often seen" driving ...with a tragedy

Lost in thoughts said...

@Sailor - I like your comment!