Friday, May 07, 2010

Financial hub of Bangalore

Let me start with a question...Which area of Bangalore has the most number of financial institutions?
Most of you would say MG Road.
Some of you would say KG Road.
Probably you are correct...
But how many thought that it COULD be Banashankari 3rd stage.

Yes, MG road (& surrounding area) has lots of mutual fund houses, banks and insurance offices. Same is true with KG road area (Gandhinagar). There are a whole lot of public sector banks on this road.

Shift the focus from these areas to the 2.5 km stretch of Ring road from Hosakerehalli to DG petrol bunk (Chennamma circle). The area called Banashankari 3rd stage.
This piece of road has 13 banks and around 7 financial institutions. I am amazed by these numbers.
All these institutions are bang on this road. If you do take some adjacent roads the number of banks increases.

I hear somebody telling - The number of institutions alone won't qualify to be a financial hub...The amount of business they make, does.
I do agree...but numbers do not lie.

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Aravind said...

not to forget several co-operative banks too...