Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Football WC - Team Bus slogans

FIFA announced the bus slogans for the football world cup. The slogans will be printed on the team's official bus. The slogans were selected via a contest organized by FIFA in association with Hyundai. Some slogans are very good. I just wanted to dissect them and bring out a funny meaning from the slogan. Here's my feeble attempt.

Algeria - Star and crescent with one goal: Victory!
Good to have a goal, but have to be realistic!
Argentina - Last stop: Glory
When is the last stop? 2014?

Australia - Dare to Dream, Advance Australia
Are they their followers - How dare you dream of Aus advancing?

Brazil - The whole of Brazil is in here!
Stampede and hence no football!
Cameroon - The Indomitable Lions are back
Read it -  The Indomitable Lions are back at home - there is no deer in SA to hunt.

Chile - Red is the blood of my heart, Chile will be Champion
Blue is the color of  sky, Chile will not be champions - Absolutely random

Côte d'Ivoire - Elephants, let's fight for victory!
Trying to fight? Elephants, lets physically run for victory!

Denmark - All you need is a Danish team and a dream
All you need is a Danish team For a beer!

England - Playing with Pride and Glory
Playing with Pride and Glory...not for victory!

France - All together for a new dream in blue
All "HANDS" together for a new dream

Germany - On the road to get the Cup!
Its hard to get in on the field!

Ghana - The hope of Africa
If Africa hopes on Ghana, God save Africa

Greece - Greece is everywhere!
Including your pockets and bank accounts!

Honduras - One Country, One passion, 5 Stars in the heart
One Country, One passion, 5 Stars in the heart but no cup

Italy - Italian Azzurro on African sky
Ok! What's on the earth? No space for Azzuries on SA land.

Japan -The Samurai spirit never dies! Victory for Japan!
Beware of Japan, Samurai war to be seen! Remind them it's football. 

Korea DPR -1966 again! Victory for DPR of Korea!
Decades behind schedule!

Korea Republic - The Shouts of Reds, United Republic of Korea
Shouting doesn't win cups, good football does.

Mexico - It is time for a new champion!
Inspiration for all first timers. Its time for you.

Netherlands - Don't fear the big five, fear the Orange eleven
Horror movie on cards...Don't fear though 

New Zealand - Kickin’ it Kiwi style
Wondering, how far can a kiwi kick a football!

Nigeria - Super Eagles super fan united we stand
I thought eagles fly...but these stand.

Paraguay - The Guarani lion roars in South Africa!
This is African safari...You will only hear lion roars. 

Portugal - One dream, one purpose… Portugal victorious!
Hope you wake up from the dream!

Serbia - Play with the heart, lead with a smile!
And we will win hearts, not cup!

Slovakia - Shake the green field: Go Slovakia!
Earth movers on the prowl!

Slovenia - With eleven brave hearts to the end
Oh, they already scripted the end. 

South Africa - One nation, proudly united under one rainbow
As hosts, they are advertising their nation and not football.

Spain - Hope is my road, victory my destiny
One victory and destiny is reached!

Switzerland - "C'mon Switzerland!"
C'mon we miss you at home!

Uruguay - The sun shines upon us. Go Uruguay!
We do not win the evening games, Sun doesn't shine then!

USA - Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Victory!

Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and now South Africa - The Pursuit of Victory never ends.

PS - I did not participate in the contest. I do not intend to belittle the winners of the slogan contest. This blog is purely for fun.

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Anonymous said...

Like the Chile, NZ and USA slogans...Your slogans :)