Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My first story

This was my first story. Written at the age of 10 perhaps! Words are not the same, but the concept is.

There was a lion in a jungle. Every night, he entered the nearby village and attacked the sheep and cattle of the villagers. Each day the villagers lost one of their dear ones. It was not possible for the villagers to fight the huge lion. The villagers called for a panchayat and discussed the issue. Many ideas were discussed to stop the lion. None seemed to be a solution. A young boy came up with a suggestion. The villagers agreed to implement the solution.

They cut a sheep. Kept the dead sheep at the entrance of the village. They put large amount of raw cotton on the dead meat. 
The lion came in the night and tried to eat the meat. The threads of cotton got stuck in the teeth of the lion. The lion could not chew. It abandoned the meat and never again came back to the village.


Gaveesh said...

What an idea sirjee!!

Lost in thoughts said...

@Gaveesh - its better to say Thanks. Wont question if it was appreciation or mockery! :-)