Friday, May 14, 2010

Negative way of seeing things

We have seen many advertisements...Ranging from ridiculous to puzzling to interesting to insane.
Here is one advertisement that caught my eyes recently.

It is an advertisement of a college. This ad big billboard facing the 100 ft ring road (connecting Mysore road with Bannergatta road). The college seems to offer BBM, MBA and PUC courses to students. 

The billboard (located in college premises) says
ABC* college
Courses offered - PUC, BBM etc
"Students who score more than 90%, get free education".

A novel thought to attract poor & intelligent students, who cant afford the huge amounts demanded by other colleges.

But...A wierd negative thought creeped in my mind.
Is this a challenge to the student - "Lets see if you can get 90%, under our guidance and coaching" ?

ABC* - Actual name is purposefully hidden!

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Anonymous said...

you always see negatives.