Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Prithvi - A cool watch

Jacob Verghese, Puneet Rajkumar, John Kokkin, Parvathi Menon and Manju Mandovi have weaved a very good & pleasant sounding movie. It is refreshingly fresh and a much needed family movie for the Kannada movie lovers. 
No wonder Deve Gowda watched this Kannada movie in theater. His dislike for the mining groups of Bellary is well-known.
For people who are interested and know about current Karnataka politics, Prithvi is a great watch. 
If you are not, you may still enjoy the movie purely because of the smooth flowing screenplay and colors used by director Jacob.
Puneet looks and dresses smart for his role of DC of a Karnataka district. Bellary. The story revolves around how the mining mafia controls the entire district (and the state). The DC fights for the rights of the people and has to face the wrath of the politicians and the local goondas. Parvathi, the DC's wife shows the personal side of the DC.  
Jacob's direction deserves applause. The last fight sequence is captured well. The songs and the colors used in the songs are pleasant. He seems to have a love for blue (like me) and that's great. The locales for the songs are dusty, ruins and suit the story.
Manikanth Kadri's music is also hummable. Lack of pre-launch publicity for the movie and music resulted in people catching the songs a bit late. Better late than never.
Puneet and Parvathi make a nice pair. John Kokkin has the right look of a villain. Bulging biceps, sharp eyes and curly uncombed hair makes him the perfect opponent for Puneet. Avinash, Sadhu kokila come and go. Support cast have also done a decent job.
As all movies, this one is also not perfect. The ending of the movie is slightly crappy. The dancer Puneet is not seen in the movie. The personal side of DC's life could have been handled in a better way. But these are minor things and have very less negative impact on the entertainment quotient of Prithvi.
The best is reserved for the last - Dialogues. Manju Mandovi has done an excellent job. One-liners make you smile and also hits your brain. I do not want to reveal any of the one-liners because it deserves to he heard in context.
Overall a good Kannada movie with a good team effort.


Chethan said...

Nice write up Manju. I watched the movie. At times, I felt the story line is not tightly weaved.
However, compared to other movies, its a nice family entertainer.

Lost in thoughts said...

Thanks Chethan.

Srinath said...

You should choose an alternative career as a film journalist

Lost in thoughts said...

@Srinath - Will give some thought for it :-)