Monday, May 17, 2010

World T20 - Random thoughts


Most of us studied in Govt aided institutions. Most of us had the opportunity to join Govt service. We could have joined the forces, scientific organizations and served India directly. Still, most of us work in private companies who pay well. Leave it at that.

Dhoni and men represent India. Dhoni and men also represent their clubs\franchises in IPL. Most of us still say, they do not have national pride...They run behind private clubs to earn money. They don't have pride to play for India.

Aren’t we hypocrites? We ourselves work for private companies and we want others not to follow us!

Duckworth Lewis

England lost to West Indies in their first match of T20 WC 2010. Thanks to the rain Gods and Duckworth Lewis. England shared a point each with Ireland in their second match. Thanks to the same reasons. In the 2nd match, if rain Gods had delayed their arrival for 9 more balls, probably England would have had an early flight home. Ireland needed 13 runs of 9 balls (and could afford loosing 2 more wicks) to win the game. DL would have played spoil sport. Again.

DL would have knocked out the eventual champs in round 1.

It’s time to bring in a new methodology for the shorter version of the game.

Pakistan vs. India

Sadly, this match never happened. But look at both the teams, statistically.
Both teams won just 2 games in the tournament.
Both beat South Africa and lost to Aussies (their common enemies in the tournament).
India beat SA by 14 runs and lost to Aussies by 49 runs
Pak beat SA by 11 runs and lost to Aussies by 34 runs
Margins are similar.

The other victories for the former world champions came against lesser ranked teams.

Still Pakistan went into semis. And India came back early.

Isn’t it time to revamp the tournament schedule? Copy from the IPL format. After all it’s the WORLD CUP. And the best team should be World champions!


Anonymous said...

- Sundar

Lost in thoughts said...

@Sundar - Seriously did not understand a bit...basically could not read it for long.
Must be good.
Ninage artha aitha?

Anonymous said...


I can not fully agree with you .If we work for govt we are patriots and if we work for private we are traiters.As long as you do your work properly I REPEAT properly and earn your livelyhood it is ok.

In the case of our cricketers the problem is lack motivation.They are tired and unfit for playing.But they wont reveal that ,because of money.If they get dropped they wont even know that they will come back.Cricket is being managed by businessman,THEY USING PLAYERS AS JUST A COMMODITY.We are also partly responsible for it.When MSD wins IPL he was called a great strtegist and a great captain.When he failed in T-20 he has become villain.At least he had the courage to tell the truth.IPL eventually kill the our cricket.


Lost in thoughts said...

Hi chikappa,

I never said that if we work with private companies, we are traiters. I am saying that if cricketers play for private clubs why are they treated as traitors.