Monday, May 03, 2010

MJ singing a Bollywood number?

Requirement -
Application which can put in a different singer's voice to any given song.
Example - Want to check how would Micheal Jackson sound on bollywood hit song "zindagi ek safar.."

First of all is this already possible?
On a parallel note, let me admit that, i know very less about the applications in the sound processing space.

1. With the application, separate the human sound from the music of a song.
2. Analyze the extracted human sound - Frequency and intensity and whatever that is needed - Lets call it "Variations".
3. From this we get the voice of the singer and the "variations" he has produced in this song -  Kishore Kumar in this case.
4. Do similar operation one of Micheal Jackson's song.
5. We now have 2 distinct voices.
6. Modify MJ's voice to the "variations" that is extracted.
7. Mix this with the original song music (got in step 1).

We have MJ singing Kishore's hit "Zindagi ek safar..."

Imagine the impact - We need not pay any singer any money (unless you need a really fresh voice).


Lalitendu said...

Then singers would patent their voice and start taking royalty for number of times its used.
They work only till age 20(approx, when they are recognized for first time) and then only job is to sign agreements.


Simply Adi said...

You might remember that a trivial variation of this was already seen in action in "Die Hard 4.0". The trick (a very difficult one, i admit) here is that for a song, as you mentioned, there are many variations that need to have been recorded. Even different tones might be possible. but different words in somebody else's voice is another thing. Speech in another person's voice might still be possible with AI (I heard about this in the fiction by Jeffrey Archer, "The Eleventh Commandment" in 2000). But speech has the advantage that the tone of the voice does not change. But who has seen tomorrow?? Maybe some day...

Anonymous said...

contact tholu, he is doing research in NLP.

enzai in your singleton world of one song multiple singer or shall i say any song any singer

vamsi said...

sir , definitely better than previous blog are improving ...good...

Lost in thoughts said...

@Lalit and @Vamsi - Thanks for the positive comments.

@Anony - I have requested tholu for his views.

@Adi - Yes, i remember the 11th commandment. As you mentioned tones are an issue. Hope tech can change it.

gtholpadi said...

maga, my answer is too long and too un-enlightening to put in this comment. i will catch you at home on saturday, if you are there, and we can talk about this...

Vinod said...

This is indeed a great accomplishment of mankind...

This technology will work on the exisitng songs, but not on the new ones right... or did i get it wrong.

By doing this, arent we belittling the effort of a genuine first time signer.