Monday, August 09, 2010

"Despicable me" – Enjoyable and fun

Does a thief have a heart?
Can kids change adults?

Yes - is the answer to both the questions. How and why are answered by this cartoon movie – “Despicable me”.

The movie is about a thief and his adopted kids.
The hero has sights on becoming the biggest thief of the world by stealing the unimaginable. On this mission he has a cunning enemy. To tackle this enemy the hero adopts 3 kids. Little does he know that this would change his life.

The 3D effects are less but good. The scene in the roller coaster is a must watch. The unique vehicle of our hero is a spectacle to watch in 3D. The hero’s factory workers and the factory setup is fun to watch. The entire concept of theft is good, especially for the kids who had flocked the cinema hall. Mockery of some real life institutions are done well. The kids are cute.

More 3D effects could have been introduced. Lack of big names for voice recording has not given the much wanted publicity.

Overall a cool 4 star movie. Small lessons on life and the robbery concept are good. Watch with friends and family. It’s good fun.

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