Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ridiculous prohibition!

Can you believe that this can happen in India?
Yes of course, it can happen only in India.

Maharashtra has got a law(or in the process of getting a law) which prohibits “Pinda pradhan” and “Mudra dharan”.  I read this article in Vijaya Karnataka (Kannada newspaper) on Sunday (1st August 2010). Surprisingly, I did not find this in English dailies.

Pinda pradhan is a ritual that  is being performed by a lot of Hindus as a tribute to their close dead relatives. It’s done on special days and even on the death anniversary day.  There is a special significance if this is conducted in Gaya or Varanasi\Kashi. The Govt’s reasoning is nothing short of ridiculous. Govt thinks that this is waste of money. Now govt decides on how I spend my personal wealth!!

Mudra-dharana is a ritual which the Madhva sect of Hindus follow. A heated 1 sq inch copper piece is placed on the hand or chest. The significance of this is explained here. The reasoning from Govt is that this is causing physical pain. I agree that burning causes  pain. But if it is done voluntarily, I cannot see a problem here. A relative of mine got this sometime last month. He is an Ayurveda doctor and he got this done because of its medicinal value (not sure of what exactly is the value though). But why target this ritual alone? Example - Acupuncture is also hurting. (I am not asking them to ban acupuncture.)

I hope the Maharashtra govt wakes up and takes some positive action on this matter...Immediately.


Anonymous said...

What is RSS and BJP doing? Playing dirty politics?

KC said...

Laws like this would take anyone by surprise, as it would take anybody to actually digest the fact that things like this might enter into law makers mind....
I am not sure how to even react to these things....

Is this PindaPradhana a exclusive Brahmin's ritual or other sects also follow it?

Lost in thoughts said...

@KC - I don't know boss